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JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版’s evidence-based screening and progress monitoring tool recognized in ‘Software’ category

“As teachers continue to navigate new challenges during these tumultuous times, we’re committed to providing helpful tools to support student achievement and growth,” said Christine Willig, CEO of JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education. “With the pandemic causing learning loss for so many, FastBridge is the best solution for determining where students are today, both academically and emotionally, so that dedicated educators can pinpoint and accelerate their learning–really addressing their specific needs.”

Judged by tech-savvy educators with first-hand experience of the industry, products submitted to the Awards of Excellence are evaluated on the following:

  • Uniqueness in market
  • Helps schools’ ability to solve a problem
  • Price value
  • Suitability for use

“For over 40 years,  Tech & Learning  has reported on how edtech products are improving teaching and learning–and this has never been more important than during this unprecedented time,” says Tech & Learning Publisher and Content Director Christine Weiser. “For  this year’s contest , our judges looked for stand-out products that are helping schools navigate these challenges by solving problems and driving innovation.”

FastBridge is currently being used in 47 states and with nearly 27 million administrations. It was also recently approved in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona and Texas for specific screeners. FastBridge is the only  behavior assessment  that has been reviewed and listed on the American Institutes for Research NCII site.

To learn more about JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education and FastBridge, please visit

About JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education
JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education partners with educators to reach new levels of student performance, empowering teachers with data to serve the whole child. Our solution brings together holistic data and collaborative instructional tools, and puts them in the hands of educators. As a result, they can visualize each student’s progress, determine the right instructional or intervention strategy, and take the best next action. More than 17 million students and 5,200 districts and schools across all 50 states rely on JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 every day to move the student performance needle.

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JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education

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