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Improve teacher workflow with an integrated management platform.


A Teacher’s Personal Assistant

IO Classroom is an integrated management solution designed by experienced teachers to help manage the demands of the classroom.


Google Classroom Integration

  • Saves time by removing double grade entries.
  • Teachers can attach category and marking period weights when importing Google Classroom assignments.
  • Google Classroom assignments import with grades and assignment details.

Blended-Learning Scheduler

  • Administrators can configure blended-learning schedules to accommodate schedules that don’t follow a traditional 5-day model. (You can do a 2-day, 6-day, or 10-day.)
  • Administrators can configure students into pre-populated DOE scheduling models.
  • Blended-learning schedules are displayed on Pupil Path so students and guardians know which days are in-class and which days are remote.

Pupil Path Academy

  • Parents can use “Schedule” tab to see the where, when, and what of their child’s schedule.
  • Teachers can utilize the “Lesson Plan” tab to post their lesson plans to assist parents with the objectives, the “how to”, and the answers.
  • Administrators can refer to the “External Resources” tab to post information, activities, virtual field trips, links, and videos to additional resources.

Gradebook Enhancements

  • Improved filter experience in teacher gradebooks.
  • Teachers can now see a history of all grade changes in any gradebook cell.
  • Updated design for ease of use.
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