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Leading education company teams up with professional learning organization to enrich teacher training opportunities.

To ensure educators have access to high-quality training and resources,  JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education , a leading K-12 student performance solution, is partnering with  ASCD  to enrich its professional development library. Through this partnership, JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 will expand its  CaseNEX  professional development course offerings with resources from ASCD, such as the  ASCD Activate Professional Learning Library .

“JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education is proud to partner with ASCD, a renowned educational leadership association, to enrich our professional development library and provide additional value to our district partners,” said Christine Willig, CEO at JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education. “We are eager to collaborate with ASCD to find new and innovative ways to support educators everywhere.”

CaseNEX offers professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their skills, maintain certifications and earn university credits. Courses are delivered online and asynchronously to allow maximum flexibility. Educators can access CaseNEX-ASCD courses starting in 2021.

“ASCD is excited to support JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education’s mission by extending relevant professional learning opportunities to its partners,” said Ranjit Sidhu, CEO and Executive Director at ASCD. “We look forward to working alongside JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 to empower teachers to serve the whole child.”

ASCD helps educators around the globe navigate changing environments by increasing their knowledge, enhancing their skills, and helping them stay motivated and connected to other educators.

To learn more about JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education, visit . To learn more about ASCD, visit .

About JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education
JJB电竞(兰州)联赛下载v8.3版 Education equips educators to take a data-driven approach to serving the whole child. Our solution combines comprehensive assessment, MTSS management and collaboration, and real-time dashboard tools, and puts them in the hands of educators. As a result, educators can monitor learning and growth, identify academic and social-emotional behavioral needs, and align targeted supports in order to accelerate learning for each student. To learn more, visit

About ASCD
ASCD empowers educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Comprising 113,573 members—superintendents, principals, teachers, and advocates from more than 129 countries—the ASCD community also includes 64 affiliate and connected community organizations. ASCD’s innovative solutions promote the success of each child. To learn more about how ASCD supports educators as they learn, teach, and lead, visit .

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